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Top Tips on Preparing Your Car for its MOT

Top Tips on Preparing Your Car for its MOT

Is it that time of year again? Your MOT is looming and you can’t put it off any longer! Many people worry about the expense of their MOT and what the garage may find! Nevertheless an MOT is a vital part of car maintenance, it’s not only a legal requirement – it ensures your car is safe to be on the road. If you’re worried about your MOT there is a few simple checks you can carry out before you take it into the garage:

The Three W’s!

Check your washers, wipers and your windscreen. Check your washers have plenty of washer fluid in them and that they all work properly, also check your wipers aren’t cracked or broken and that they are in full working order. Have a check over your windscreen and make sure there are no cracks or chips, particularly check if there is any damage in your line of vision.

Tyres and Wheels

During your MOT the garage will check the tread on your tyres, it must be at least 1.6mm thick as it won’t pass the MOT, give them a quick check to ensure you don’t have any nasty surprises. If your car has alloy wheels its worth having a quick check and ensuring that there is no wheel nuts missing.


Make sure you check all your lights this includes:
• Your headlights
• Foglights
• Reversing light
• Indicators
• All hazard ligts
A broken light or a bulb out could be an MOT fail so make sure all these are working, and if they’re not get them replaced, it’s a quick, easy and affordable fix.

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