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Top Tips on Ensuring Your Car is Ready for Winter

Top Tips on Ensuring Your Car is Ready for Winter

The winter can make driving hazardous as well as putting a real strain on your car so it’s important to make sure its prepared for winter to avoid any breakdowns. Here are some top tips to ensure your car will get you safely through the winter months:

First Things First:

Worst case scenario – you’ll get stuck in the snow somewhere. Unfortunately, with the large amount of snow we have witnessed over the past few years, we do need to be prepared for this eventuality. Make sure you’re fully equipped to spend a few hours in your car. You should stock your car with the following:
• A shovel, scraper, de-icer
• A blanket and some extra layers, spare coat etc
• A torch and possibly jumper cables
• Chains and a tow rope

Time For A Service?

Is your car in need of service? If so get it done sooner rather than later. Your car needs to be in full working order during the cold winter months and the last thing you want to do is have a breakdown in the middle of winter, possibly in the middle of nowhere.

Check Your Battery

Batteries dying are a common problem with cars but one of the easiest problems to avoid. All you need to do is check the battery still has plenty of life left in it. Batteries rarely last longer than five years so if yours is nearing the end of its life its worth getting it replaced – it saves having to call out your breakdown service when your car won’t start and you need to get to work.

Tyres and Lights

These are another important thing to check. Your lights along with your windshield wipers will get an awful lot of use during the winter so make sure they’re all intact and there are no bulbs out. Your tyres also need to be inflated to help improve grip on the roads, don’t forget to check the spare tyre too! This is also a good time to check you still have a decent amount of tread left on your tyres to ensure you have the grip you need on those icy days.

Here at German Specialists Ltd we specialise in BMW servicing in Cheshire as well as Audi, Mercedes, Mini and Volkswagen, so if you’re car is in need of a service or even an MOT we’re the people to call. This winter we are also carrying out winter checks for just £9.99+VAT so for peace of mind visit us today and ensure your car is winter ready.

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