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An image of a car steering wheel and dashboard, with picturesque views in the windscreen

When can we expect self-driving cars to be available?

You may have been hearing the excited whispers of ‘self driving cars’ for a couple of years now, but still not know much about them. You’re not alone, many of us are unaware of the advances car makers have been making in this industry. German Specialists briefly explore what has been happening, and what to look forward to, in their latest blog.

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what is an ecu test

Don’t Leave Your Engine Running To Defrost Your Car

With the sunshine starting to pour into our lives once again, it can be easy to forget that it’s still February and, technically still winter. But don’t be fooled by a sunny spell – as usual in the UK, a frosty day could well be waiting around the corner. We don’t usually like to get too comfortable until we’re into April when the risk of frost has mostly passed. Until then, we could expect a plummet in temperature, especially on a cloudless night, and have a welcoming frost waiting on our cars the next day.

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does your car have loose steering

Trouble With Loose Steering?

Safe driving requires safe steering, so making sure your steering wheel is in good working order is vital for road safety. If you find that your steering wheel is getting loose, this can be an indicator that your steering wheel needs looking at by a professional. But what are the common signs of loose steering you need to watch out for? Is there anything you can do to test your steering wheel is working correctly? Here’s our rundown of why your steering wheel is getting loose and how you can do some simple checks to test it.

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keep your air conditioner working in winter

Keep Your Car’s Air Conditioning System Healthy This Winter

The colder days have finally set in. For most drivers this means either cracking up the heating in the car or turning it off until summer rolls around again. Most people don’t realise that not using the air conditioning in their car for a prolonged period of time can cause it damage, as well as other issues. Even if you’re not worried about the air-con in the colder months, you’ll be sorry in the hotter months when you really need it and it’s broken because it hasn’t been maintained in winter.

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how to care for your leather car seats

Looking After Your Leather Car Seats

The condition of the interior of your car is just as important as the condition of what’s under your car’s bonnet. Keeping your car maintained means looking after all aspects of your vehicle, including your upholstery, carpet and leather car seats. There’s no point of having a beautiful car with luxury leather seats if you’re not prepared to look after them. In the same way that scratched paint work can lower the value of your car, shabby, poorly-maintained leather car seats can make your car less desirable too. Keeping your interior looking good is as easy as following some easy leather car seat care tips.

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second hand bmw car

What To Know When Buying a Second Hand Car

Second hand cars are a great option for saving some money or upgrading your model on a budget, but there can be many pitfalls when buying second hands cars that could lead to bigger issues down the line. Whether buying a second hand car for the first time or the fifth time, there are many aspects to consider before you hand over any money or sign any paperwork. Used cars can have a variety of issues that aren’t visible and making sure you know what to look for in a second hand car can save you trips in and out of the garage and costly bills.

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A picture of a new German reliable car

Are German Makes Reliable Cars?

Over the years, German cars have received a mixture of reviews, with some perpetuating the myth that German makes aren’t reliable cars. However, this isn’t entirely accurate and includes many variables. German cars are popular in the UK, and this popularity is only increasing. So why would people continue to invest in German cars if they were truly unreliable cars? The truth is that German car owners see them as highly reliable and quality vehicles. So where has this misconception of German cars come from?

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There are new MOT rules introduced

Know The New MOT Rules

On 20th May 2018 the new MOT rules were introduced across England, Scotland and Wales. The new MOT rules affect all cars, vans and motorbikes, as well as other passenger vehicles.

The New MOT Rules

The new MOT rules consist of two main changes. Defect categories have now been introduced, and diesel particulate filters are now inspected on diesel vehicles. There are also additional parameters added to the MOT service. Continue reading

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