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How to Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

You may have heard that there has been a recent spike in catalytic converter theft across the country. These particular components contain small amounts of valuable metals, particularly platinum, that fetch a pretty penny at scrap yards.

Thieves have been targeting older Honda Jazz models (pre 2008) because the catalytic converters are easier to get to. Hybrid cars are also a prime target because they have higher quantities of the valuable metals. While German vehicles are not on top of the list, reports of BMW, VW and Audi catalytic converter thefts have been reported.

We would hate for any of our readers to be victims of such an appalling crime, so we’ve put together a short list of actions you can take to reduce the chance of your catalytic converter being stolen.

Keep your vehicle in a locked garage overnight

When possible, ensure your vehicle is kept locked up during the night. It may seem obvious, but a lot of people use their garages for storage or another purpose. If you’re worried that your vehicle may be at risk, it might be time to clear some space and ensure your vehicle is kept safe.

Park facing a wall

Many catalytic converters are located at the front of your vehicle where the exhaust enters the engine. If you park with the bonnet against the wall, you’re making it much more difficult for thieves to access the part. Furthermore, try and park between cars whenever possible. By reducing space both at the front and at the side of your vehicle, you’re ensuring theft is as tricky as it can be.

Park partly on the curb

If bay parking isn’t an option, consider parking half on the curb (just make sure you aren’t blocking pedestrians). You may be able to park in such a way that your catalytic converter is close enough to the curb to make it very difficult to remove.

Purchase anti-theft products

There are several anti-theft products available on the market. Toyota, for example, have created a cage-like device that you can attach to your catalytic converter to make it much more difficult to steal.

You can invest in a tilt alarm that will alert pedestrians if a thief jacks up your car to steal the catalytic converter.

If you park on the street or a driveway, consider CCTV that points towards your vehicle.

Avoid public car parks

It’s not always easy, but avoiding public car parks will reduce the chance of you being a victim of theft. Many catalytic converter thieves are committing the crime in public car parks during broad daylight. If you have no other option, ensure you are parking in a busy, well-lit car park and are following the tips above.

German Specialists Ltd

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