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A Basic Guide to Cambelt / Timing Belt Replacements

A Basic Guide to Cambelt / Timing Belt Replacements

All cars need to be maintained in order to ensure they stay in good working order. With German-made vehicles, this is no different. Whether you have, or haven’t, had a cambelt changed recently, it is worth asking one of our fully qualified mechanics to take a look under the bonnet.

There are a few dangers to be aware of when timing belts aren’t replaced. If left unnoticed for far too long, a cambelt can mean the death of your car, or at the very least, complete engine failure. So, what is a cambelt and when should you replace one?

When And Why Cambelts Need to Be Replaced

One of the most essential items that needs to be replaced in a car is the cambelt. A specially fabricated belt constructed of fibre cord and rubber, it’s what keeps a car running on a sound, consistent basis. Linked to the camshafts, it works in harmony with the crankshaft, and must be correctly calibrated to work in time with the movement of the valves and pistons of an engine. Hence, it’s alternate name – ‘timing belt’.

Give and take a bit of wear and tear, cambelts generally last up to five years. However, replacement times depend on the age, model and make of your car. Newer vehicles can last up to 100,000 miles before replacement is required, while cambelts in older cars may need changing every four years. If you do a lot of driving, replacement may need to be more frequent. Each car will differ so its essential you check your logbook or the manufacturer for the exact rules regarding cambelt replacements.

Cambelts can cause serious, permanent and irreparable damage to car engines. Costly to fix, it is a better option to have a cambelt replaced when it needs to be. Putting a replacement off for a prolonged period is an unnecessary and expensive risk to take. It might just force you to go shopping for a new car instead.

Replacing Your Car’s Cambelt

When it’s time to have your car serviced, we can quickly assess whether a new cambelt is required. At German Specialists Ltd, we have the know-how and expert mechanics to get the job done properly. Making sure your car stays in tip-top condition is our number one priority.

For all your quality car repairs and maintenance work, contact us today at German Specialists Ltd. No matter where you’re headed, we are here to help you and your car travel safely on the road.

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