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A picture of a new German reliable car

Are German Makes Reliable Cars?

Over the years, German cars have received a mixture of reviews, with some perpetuating the myth that German makes aren’t reliable cars. However, this isn’t entirely accurate and includes many variables. German cars are popular in the UK, and this popularity is only increasing. So why would people continue to invest in German cars if they were truly unreliable cars? The truth is that German car owners see them as highly reliable and quality vehicles. So where has this misconception of German cars come from?

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There are new MOT rules introduced

Know The New MOT Rules

On 20th May 2018 the new MOT rules were introduced across England, Scotland and Wales. The new MOT rules affect all cars, vans and motorbikes, as well as other passenger vehicles.

The New MOT Rules

The new MOT rules consist of two main changes. Defect categories have now been introduced, and diesel particulate filters are now inspected on diesel vehicles. There are also additional parameters added to the MOT service. Continue reading

A picture of someones feet out the car window in summer

Road Trip Checklist for the Summer

With the weather starting to get a little cheerier in the UK, are you starting to plan a road trip over the summer? Whether it’s a family outing, a road trip with friends, or you’re going somewhere alone, we’ve create a road trip checklist to help you have the ultimate road trip, whilst still staying covered if something went wrong. Before we start the full road trip checklist, a couple of things you must remember to take with you are your driving license and contact numbers such as your breakdown company.

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A picture of a tyre being serviced for tyre maintenance

Tips for Effective Tyre Maintenance

Tyre maintenance is extremely important for your safety whilst driving, in addition to the safety of others around you on the road. If your tyres are faulty, there’s a higher risk of your vehicle spinning out of control; particularly in poor weather conditions. Below, we’ve shared our top 3 tips that you should be following for effective tyre maintenance.

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A picture of a car driving on a road

Driving Tips for Safe Driving All Year Round

There are lots of blogs around sharing driving tips to help you drive safer in extreme weather conditions, and, although this is necessary, we strongly believe you should be given tips for safe driving all year round. That’s why we’ve come up with our top driving tips to ensure you have the safest driving in all seasons of the year, not just in extreme conditions.

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A picture of cars in snow

Tips for Driving in Snow

We’re getting into the height of winter and many of us are already experiencing snowfall across the UK. With snow, comes poor road conditions, and driving habits should be changed with the change of the weather. Below, we’ve shared our 5 top tips for driving in snow.

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A picture of a new car

Car Buying Tips

Is your car starting to cost you more than it’s worth? Or do you just want to treat yourself to a sparkly, new motor? Whatever the reason, upgrading your car is a big decision and there’s lots of things you should consider before investing in a new vehicle. Below, we’ve shared our top car buying tips to ensure you make the right decision.

What Do You Need?

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