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Top Winter Driving Tips

Weather can have a massive effect on your driving. As we approach the bad weather of the winter months, our driving needs to be adjusted. Below, we’ve discussed our top winter driving tips to get you prepared.

Prepare Your Car

Before driving during winter, make sure that your car is prepped. Always ensure that you have the correct tyre pressure; read our previous blog to find out the importance of maintaining correct tyre pressure. You should also make sure that all of your fluids are filled up, such as oil and windscreen wash; we also highly recommend opting for anti-freeze windscreen wash. In addition to this, check that all of your lights work, especially your fog lights. To be extra prepared, we suggest having an “emergency kit” in your car with things like a blanket, spare clothes, boots and a torch, just in case you break down.

Warm Up

The second of our winter driving tips is to warm up! Ensure your car is fully warmed up before embarking on a journey. This will help to prevent your car from chugging whilst your driving, which is often caused by a car being cold. However, never warm up your car in an enclosed place such as a garage as this can be dangerous.

Slow Down

You should always drive within the speed limit, however in winter it may be worthwhile driving quite a bit below it, especially in snow and ice. In bad weather, your stopping distance will increase so always ensure you’re going at a safe speed to come to a safe stop; increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front too. Further to this, take it easy on your braking and acceleration.

Check Your Brakes

The final of our winter driving tips is to check your brakes. It’s extremely important to check that your brakes are working efficiently, especially during winter. If it’s been very wet weather and you’ve had to drive through a flooded bit of road, ensure that you test your brakes afterwards.

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