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Tips for Driving in Snow

We’re getting into the height of winter and many of us are already experiencing snowfall across the UK. With snow, comes poor road conditions, and driving habits should be changed with the change of the weather. Below, we’ve shared our 5 top tips for driving in snow.

Leave More Time

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The first of our tips for driving in snow is to plan your journey and ensure that you leave more time for it. Give yourself time to de-ice your windscreen and clear your windows, lights and mirrors of snow; it’s illegal to drive your car without full visibility out of all of your windows. You should also leave more time as you should drive slower when it is snowing to ensure you drive safely. Traffic also tends to be worse when there is snow.

Check Your Tyres

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You should check that there is good tread on all of your tyres to ensure that you maintain a good grip on the snow and ice. If you don’t have them already, it could be very beneficial to get winter tyres on your vehicle as they have a much better grip when the road conditions are poor.

Use Your Lights

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Even in daylight, as soon as snow begins to fall you should turn on your headlights. If your lights are automatic, check that they are definitely working. Snow can affect visibility which is why headlights are so useful. Remember to not use your fog lights unless visibility is really poor as they can dazzle other drivers.

Keep Your Distance

A picture of cars driving in snow

When road conditions are poor due to snow and ice, your stopping distance increases. It can actually increase by up to 10 times your regular stopping distance. You should leave around 20 seconds between you and the car in front.


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The final of our tips for driving in snow is to remember sunglasses! Sunglasses can be extremely important when driving in the snow. They can help to reduce the glare from the low winter sun on the snow which can often be really bright, affecting your visibility.

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