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How Can You Improve Fuel Consumption?

Having to constantly fill your car up with fuel can be frustrating. However, with a few good driving habits you can improve your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Accelerate and brake carefully.

Accelerating and braking harshly can have a negative impact on your vehicle’s fuel consumption. Take your time when accelerating to go off somewhere and keep a light, steady foot on the accelerator whilst you’re driving. Make sure you’re aware of what’s going on around you so that you can be prepared to start braking when needed rather than having to slam your brakes down to stop. This point will also help with reducing the wear and tear of your brakes and therefore reduces the risk of damaged brakes making you fail your MOT.

Don’t drive too fast.

Firstly, it’s against the law to drive over the speed limit. Secondly, it can really increase the amount of fuel your car consumes. If you’re trying to reduce your fuel consumption, remain ay the speed limit at all times. As you won’t be driving fast, you shouldn’t need to brake too harshly either therefore improving fuel consumption even more.

Only drive when you need to.

This one goes without saying. If you don’t necessarily need to drive somewhere, then don’t. If you’re just going to the shop around the corner, chances are you’ll be able to walk there. Why increase fuel consumption when you don’t need to? Not only will you be saving money by walking places, it’s also good for your health and you’re reducing the amount of pollution in the air; this one is a winner all round.

Reduce weight.

Heavy weight in your car also increases fuel consumption. For every 100 pounds added to your vehicle, the fuel consumption is increased by 1-2%. If you have any unnecessary stuff in the boot of your vehicle, get rid of it!

If your old driving habits such as harsh acceleration and braking have damaged your car, or you need a service or MOT, fill out our contact form or call German Specialists Ltd on 0161 476 4422.

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