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Protect Your Vehicle From The Spread of COVID-19

Here at German Specialists we’ve always been devoted to keeping you and your vehicle safe. However, in this Coronavirus period it’s more important than ever that we take care of you on a microscopic level. However, we do have to be in and out of your car during the work we do on it, and perhaps drive your vehicle back to you. This level of engagement from people outside of your ‘bubble’ is unavoidable, but we at German Specialists can now eliminate the risk of your vehicle storing COVID-19 traces.

Using benzalkonium chloride in a spray form, allows us to set off the aerosol as we park up your car or van. This clever compound then coats the surfaces of your vehicle where COVID-19 could be lurking and breaks it down within minutes. Then just drive off with confidence wherever you choose.

This CV1 shot leaves no unpleasant residue, mist or colouration, so you certainly don’t need to wipe anything down, and the manufacturer guarantees it for up to 8 cubic metres. Fast, effective and safe it’s an easy way to protect yourself and your family.

The CV1 Shot is a fast, effective and safe way to neutralise the threat of coronavirus from your vehicles interior surfaces. Benzalkonium chloride breaks down the virus and kills it. Perfect for high contact areas in the car such as the handles and steering wheel.

Neutralise Coronavirus
Completes the task in minutes
The disinfectant used breaks down the virus and kills it
2 minutes discharge and 5 minutes activation
Covers up to 8 cubic metres
Leaves no problem residue behind

For peace of mind please request us to add a COVID-19 Clear to the end of our processes to break down any possible Coronavirus present within your vehicle. It’s just £9.99 and a seven minute process, after which you can drive away effortlessly knowing your car interior is entirely disinfected and free from COVID-19.

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